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MacKenzie, Spark, and West, known as the Trio, are students at Springville Elementary School. The three students always help their classmates in need. Their teacher, Mr. Brown, notices their good deeds and introduces them to the superpower of the red balloon. One by one, MacKenzie, Spark, and West learn how the magic of the red balloon can strengthen their abilities to help others. When the community is in danger, the Trio learns to come together as a team and use their new powers to save the day. Readers will be taken on an exciting journey as they learn how the desire to help others creates opportunities to put superpowers to great use.
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Some schools boast of famous athletes who once attended. Others boast of movie stars or politicians who once walked the halls. It is even said that some schools have ghosts. For The STEM Institute of Queens, the claim to fame is an infamous bank robber, who is rumored to have buried money somewhere on the school grounds.
Elijah, Emory, Noel, and Wes are new students at the institute. As they each adapt to their new environment, they come together to dive deep into the school’s history. What will Elijah, Emory, Noel, and Wes uncover? How will they prove whether this mystery is fact or fiction? Take a journey with these four students as they use their combined abilities to unravel what has stumped adults for over fifty years.
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Attending North Heights High School is no walk in the park, especially on the first day of school. The school gang, known as The Rebels, has a reputation for picking on lower classmen, the “Low Dawgs.” For Leon and Tyson, who are new students at the high school, this is all too true. The Rebels immediately set their sights on tormenting them, never swaying in their relentless and destructive pursuit to cause mayhem in Leon and Tyson’s lives. Throughout the school year, another new student, Nikole, tries her best to act as the peacemaker and stand up to The Rebels, but she has her own Rebel to worry about—Bailey, a fellow lacrosse team member and the coolest girl in school.
It’s clear that the bullies need to be stopped, but how…and at what cost?
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BREAK IT DOWN: REFLECTION ON HIP HOP FROM YOUNG MINDS $12.00Break It Down: Reflections on Hip Hop from Young Minds is a compilation of how the era of rap music has had a major influence on the young people of today. Told from six different youth perspectives, Break It Down explores the dynamic interconnection of rap music with jazz, fashion, and media, and how rappers influenced each of these milestones. Then, travel to faraway lands where hip hop is banned, where a rapper is a trendsetter, and see how ballet married hip hop to create a brand-new style and movement.

Break It Down showcases both reality and fiction, all in a creative adventure to honor the poetic, eclectic, prolific rhyming style known as rap.
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