About Us

Youth Writers Rock
Our Mission
Our mission is to increase literacy and improve writing skills among youth to help propel their scholastic achievements. This platform will stimulate creative and critical thinking.  The YWC will take on the widespread challenge of improving the data on literacy among youth that live in challenged communities. Through the YWC, we will be able to provide tools to each participant that will empower them to look beyond their social and economic status and to go beyond barriers in their community with the power of the pen.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to see youth using actively engaged in reading, writing and networking while building social skills. By providing them with resources and supplies, they will walk the path towards authorship with confidence.

Our Goals:
Our program objective is simple: We want to create great writers! By providing them with work journals, optional participation in the monthly Youth Slam. Workshops facilitated by authors who provide hands-on lessons on writing, editing, publishing and illustration; as well as networking opportunities with other creative writing programs, our objective is achievable for each of the students.

Meet Our Team

C.Natasha Ricburg
Joy E. Turner
Deborah Billips
Shelley Buynum Blow
Robyn F. Evans
Jacqueline Anderson
Nanette Buchanan
Jackie JC Gardner